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10 Things that help you Diet Easily-Diet Tips

Temptations surround us every day just to make our dieting harder. Whether it’s the chocolate TV ads, a new Haagen Dazs flavor, or freshly baked home-made cookies, resisting temptations gets harder by the minute. But despite all the temptations, we are surrounded by little things that help you stick to your diet plan and lose that extra weight. For example:10 Things that help you Diet Easily-Diet Tips

1. Your iPod: music makes you jog that extra mile. It helps you with those last 10 minutes of your work out and it motivates you to push yourself to the limit.

2.The TV: although eating infront of the TV isn’t really diet friendly but there are very encouraging TV shows you can watch that will inspire you to carry on like “The Biggest Loser” and “Oprah”.

3.Pals: if you show your friends how sincere you are this time, they’ll help you order next time you’re out with them. You can even tell your best friend to warn you when you’ve had too much to eat.

4.Your smart phone: BlackBerrys and iPhones are a way to distract you and keep you from munching on snacks all day. There are also smart phone apps you can download to calculate your calorie intake and to help you keep a diet diary.

5.The super market: yes! Despite having all the junk food one can imagine, the super market is actually the best place to make you feel full. When shopping at the supermarket, try to avoid the “junk aisles” and stock up on healthy fruits and vegetables then head to the cashier ASAP.

6.A good doctor: your doctor’s advice and diet plans are usually depressing, but with the right doctor he’ll know how to reward you every week. Look for a doctor with good rapport rather than shorter waiting lines. Express your feelings to your nutritionist and worries so they’ll fortify your plan with “happy food”.

7.Man’s best friend: having a dog can make you get out of the house faster. They’re very helpful when it comes to running on the beach or going for an early morning jog. If you don’t have a dog; offer your neighbor to walk theirs, they’ll never say no.

8.House work: AKA exercise. Getting stuff done around the house burns more calories than you think so get in your track suit and start cleaning.

9.Avoiding the elevator: taking the stairs everyday instead of the elevator will at least revive your heart and get that blood pumping. Try to take the stairs all the time, especially when climbing up.

10.A good book: whenever you get a food craving, grab a good book and start reading that craving away. Most of the time, food cravings are a result of boredom.

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