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Odelie Chan Latest Jewelry Fashion Trends

Be always unique and bold wit Odelie Chan latest jewelry selection named Ruler.
Learn how to rule fashion by including some unique, handmade statement jewelry pieces to your clothing collection to give it your own touch of personality!


Accessories can make a world of difference as far as Fashion goes and designer Odelie Chan shows this through her unique and atypical jewelry selections. With various places to draw inspiration from, young designer Odelie Chan has given her Ruler jewelry selection a touch of American Indian pizzaz.


The collection which contains rings, head components, earrings as well as attractive necklaces is far from ordinary, not only via the design but the way the jewelry was put together. Every piece has been hand made to under line appearance and give each item a unique character that can’t be ignored.

Bold and with lots of personality, Odelie Chans Ruler selection comes to meat the need of accessory lovers who wanna own their won distinctive pieces that underline uniqueness and designs. The highly embroidered designs featuring small beads as well as numerous contrasting accessories make the delice of the selection. Embellish proportions, mixes of vivid colors, asymmetry and numerous themes that can be traced back to every style.


The Ruler selection features geometrical patterns such as triangles and circles, components which were motivated from American Indian Art, more particularly dream catchers and arrows. Wonderful colours such as turquoise, royal navy, dark black, gold and red colors make the selection pop and stand out by far, so if you are a fan of coloured, unique accessories take a look at this wonderful jewelry collection and pick your new season most favorite.

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