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5 Pieces of Information You Should Give Your Guests Before Your Wedding Day

When it comes to spreading the word about your wedding day, there are a number of ways you can do it!

Option 1

Go 2016, and just make a Facebook group. Upload a suitable image, put all of the information into a post and then make your guest list. It makes receiving yes, no and maybe RSVP’s far simpler! Be warned, though; not everyone you are inviting may have Facebook. Be prepared for this.

Option 2

Go traditional, and send paper invites. Check out to get an idea of a high standard, and some inspiration. Paper invites are the best way to ensure everyone has received all of the necessary information. The guest can also keep the invite close at the hand if they need to check on certain details nearer the time.

Option 3

Go middle ground, and send e-invites. Yes, you’re doing this online, but recipients only need an email address. This maintains some of the tradition of sending an actual invite. However, it combines it with the accessibility and simplicity that online communication gives you.

Next up, let’s look at five crucial pieces of information you should give you guests when you invite them. This goes for no matter what kind of invitation you send, be it via social media, post or email!

The Timings

An obvious one, on the surface. Of course, guests needs to know when to arrive and when to leave. However, also add the time of your wedding ceremony. It might be a tradition that the bride is always late. However, these days, the person conducting the ceremony has a right to leave if they have another ceremony to get too. If all of your guests haven’t arrived on time, you will be in a difficult situation. Letting them know the time of the ceremony means they know the absolute latest they can arrive. It will help control and minimise any stragglers!

The Location

Don’t just include the name of the venue. Be sure to also include the full address. Add on the postcode, but check if the postcode needed to get there via a SatNav is different at all. Lost guests won’t be happy guests can help you find the right postcode.

The Dress Code

This one isn’t a necessity, but you may be surprised how many people will appreciate it! Some couples want a really formal affair, whereas others are happy for everyone to go far more relaxed. Knowing which you are after may be difficult to guess without some guidance.

5 Pieces of Information You Should Give Your Guests Before Your Wedding Day

Gift Protocol

Desperate for a new kettle, or do you fancy a week in the Maldives. Whether you want gifts, money or funds for a honeymoon, use your invitations to let your guests know.

Contact Details

Guests need to know the contact details of where to send their RSVP too. However, also include the name and contact details of someone that isn’t you or the groom. If the guests need guidance with something, or get lost or delayed on the day, they’ll need someone else to call.

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